Wireless DMX made a big debut in China last fall during the Sanya Carnival, thanks to Guangzhou Television, one of the largest TV stations in the country, who ordered four wireless DMX universes for the event. The carnival, which led up to the 55th Miss World Pageant Finals took place in Sanya, a beautiful sunshine-filled city on South China’s Hainan Island. The Miss World Final has taken place there for the last three years. The order was placed during the CALM show in Beijing through Wireless Solution's local distributor Guangzhou Leifull Light & Sound. Leifull has offices in Guanzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, and offers clients technical support and training for both project and installation. They were selected over tough competition to supply the equipment for the event.

Leifull used 18 units of W-DMX R-512 Receivers on the East bank of the Sanya River and 2 units of W-DMX S-1 Transmitter of two Multiple DMX Universes on the West bank, all controlled by Avolite Pearl 2004 consoles. The R-512 Receivers were in placed in different positions to control four separate green 3W Neo-Lasers, six Banks of four pcs 4000W Yagang Skytracker 4Ks, 24 units of 4000W City Moving Heads (made in China), and 80 DMX-controlled Par lights to create striking effects on the building and bridge of the Sanya River.

Lighting designer Wind Lee and lighting operator Sun were very pleased with the W-DMX products on the prestigious project. The distance over the 300m wide river can cause problems with reflections on the water, but the W-DMX worked without a single problem during the entire show. W-DMX can be used to cover distances of over 3,000’ using the standard antenna. An optional larger antenna makes distances of over 18 miles possible.

The mayor of Sanya says, "This is the best light effect I’ve ever seen!" He was so pleased he requested an extra day of the performance.