Vista Systems unveiled new Spyders and new Spyder system capabilities at at InfoComm 2006. Following the debut of SpyderPoint, Spyder’s PowerPoint-based control software, are two new 11-channel Spyder models, a linear keying feature and parallel expansion for all Spyder systems.

The Spyder offers AV presentation producers and rental and staging companies a cost-effective powerful real-time compositing and windowing environment plus superb image quality and processing capabilities.

Spyder offers flexibility for mixing sources in multiple windows, greater clarity of signal processing, seamless widescreen displays plus real-time compositing for high-resolution applications in a modular, scaleable package. Customers can deploy Spyder products
alone or combine them like building blocks, integrating any model from the 200 series with the 300 series to accommodate any application from a small plasma screen to multiple screens.

“With the introduction of Spyder 365 and Spyder 374 at InfoComm, Vista Systems now offers a choice of two 11-channel models in a single frame,” says president Clark Williams. “These new Spyders essentially give everything from the boardroom to the ballroom a show-in-a-box allowing them to do three- or four-screen blends or have
enough input channels to handle three discrete screen configurations.”

Spyder 365 has six inputs and five outputs; Spyder 374 has seven inputs and four outputs. These new models pack a lot of punch in small, easy-to-use units, which are expandable with additional modules.

Spyder has always offered a luminance keyer and color keyer on every input. Now a linear keyer is available on every input, too. “It’s been our plan to offer linear keying,” notes Williams. “This new capability enables customers to do full-motion linear keys using professional character generators to shape the video window and
produce nice, soft keys for lower thirds and other effects. It opens up new avenues for what creatives can achieve onscreen.”

Linear keying is available, as a firmware upgrade, for all Spyders currently in the marketplace. It will be offered as a standard feature on all new Spyders.

With Parallel expansion, users will be able to link Spyders for expanded bandwidth. “Previously, Spyder offered serial expansion, allowing users to add input and output channels,” continues Williams. “Now, with parallel expansion, they can add pixel space,
allowing for virtually limitless size images.”

Parallel expansion is also available as a firmware upgrade for all Spyders currently in the marketplace. It will be offered as a standard feature on all new Spyders.