Working for client PineRock, UVLD (Unlimited Visibility Lighting Design) has reprised its role as lighting designer for the annual Accenture Global Convergence Forum, this time at the China World Hotel in Beijing. UVLD has handled lighting design for the last five conclaves in Europe and the US; the Accenture Global Convergence Forum is one of the most recognized and exceptional programs in the communications, electronics, high tech, software, media and entertainment marketplace.This year, the forum convened in Beijing to focus on achieving high performance through Expanding Markets: Innovation & Globalization with an accent on the burgeoning markets of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

UVLD’s goal was to make the event seamless and the locale a non-issue. “The key was to find a lighting vendor we could trust and not rush to the hotel’s preferred in-house supplier,” notes lighting designer Gregory Cohen. “We opted to recommend Singapore-based Showtec Communications, whom we used on our last show in China. By sticking with a team with whom we had a relationship, everything became more predicable.”

The forum’s opening module featured a production number starring costumed drummers performing their dramatic, rhythmic routines against a huge pair of closed doors reminiscent of the Forbidden City. A line of dancers inside a giant dragon costume added another traditional element to the show. When they concluded their performance, the huge doors parted to reveal a large center cyc bearing the Accenture logo and “High Performance Delivered” tag line. The doors themselves turned around to become a pair of video screens flanking the cyc. The metaphorical doors to globalization were open.

UVLD lit up the production number with moving, flashing, colored lights, including 27 1200W Martin MAC 2000 Profiles and 38 575W Martin MAC 600 NT moving-head fixtures.UVLD illuminated the speaker sessions with 50 ETC Source Four ellipsoidals. The center cyc was bathed in colors specified by Accenture and treated with traditional T-3s.

Tom Blancato served as production electrician for the project with Erik Hendricks of Peekskill, New York’s Marlyn Productions as technical director.

“Greg’s flexible approach made dealing with the challenges of working in China easier on our entire crew,” notes Hendricks. “He delivered an outstanding design on time and within the client’s budget all the while dealing with the language and cultural barriers encountered working in Beijing.”