Toy Specialists,

the New York audio equipment rental company, announces that it will be entering into a joint venture with Scharff Weisberg, Inc., a company specializing in audio, video, and lighting technology. Toy Specialists will move its operation into Scharff Weisberg’s 599 11th Avenue facility and combine administrative and marketing resources with the company.

“From the day we started Toy Specialists 17 years ago, our goal was always been to provide the highest level of service possible to our customers. Scharff Weisberg has been a leader in the pro audio, multimedia equipment, and service market for over 20 years,” comments Toy Specialists president, Bill Tesar. “They are a formidable company that operates with a high level of integrity, strong customer service ethics, and deep resources. Their extensive resources and experience will greatly enhance our products and services.”

Toy Specialists will continue to operate as an independent company under the name Toy Specialists at Scharff Weisberg. The company will benefit from administrative changes such as front and back office support that includes technical resources, equipment service and repair, and marketing. “Their personal touch and boutique feel to the company, as well as our core employees, will remain the same,” continues Tesar. “In fact, having Scharff Weisberg behind us will afford us the luxury of providing an even more personal level of service.”

The Toy Specialists was created by Tesar and his wife Rita 17 years ago as a rental company catering to the recording studio and music production community. “Peter [Scharff] and I were there at the beginning and we were able to see the success from a close perspective as they became a prominent supplier in the US,” says Scharff Weisberg president, Josh Weisberg. “The opportunity for us to have Bill and his guys working within the Scharff Weisberg umbrella is significant, as it adds a related service, more depth to our sales efforts and allows us a continuous New York City presence to our audio operation.”

Scharff Weisberg has recently made numerous expansion announcements including that it will be moving part of its operation to Long Island City, where it can take advantage of the larger spaces that the Staging and Systems Integration divisions need to set up and test complex multimedia systems. The move frees up space in the company’s Manhattan location and allows for Toy Specialists to take up residence.

For further information on Toy Specialists, call 212-333-2206.