Total Structures, Inc. has announced that it has made its first donation to The ESTA Foundation's Behind the Scenes program.

In October of last year Total Structures’ vice president, Adrian Forbes-Black, announced at the LDI exhibition that they would donate $10 to Behind the Scenes for every Lodestar and Prostar Columbus McKinnon hoist they sold.

With only five months passed Forbes-Black is delighted to announce that it has already provided the program with a four-figure donation check.

“During the month of February we decided to make a special effort to promote our hoist sales and in turn our donation to Behind The Scenes. I’m very pleased to say that our customers responded and as a result help increased the size of our first donation,” he comments. "This initiative is for all models of CM Lodestar and Prostar hoists. There is no time limit on the offer, nor is there a minimum order requirement."

Behind the Scenes is an initiative of The ESTA Foundation to provide industry members with financial support when they are seriously ill or injured.