We know we've mentioned before that this September, Live Design will be celebrating a series of anniversaries of our franchise--20 years of LDI, 30 years of Lighting Dimensions, and 40 years of Theatre Crafts. But we're just so excited to hear from you, dear readers, that we want to give you more opportunities to be a part of our upcoming issue.

Rather than focusing solely on where we've come from as an industry for this unique achievement, we also want to take a look at where we're going.

To help us celebrate this very special occasion, we want you to tell us either how you got your start in the business, or where you think the industry (or your little part of it) is heading in the next 20, 30, 40 years. Or tell us both, if you're feeling especially prolific.

Please send your responses to Marian Sandberg at msandberg@livedesignonline.com by Friday, August 10.