Continuing the commitment to training and education in the entertainment and leisure industry, TOMCAT is once again conducting a session at LDI2011: Strength Under Pressure—What Makes A Truss System Safe Indoors & Out, as part of LDI's Rigging and Electrical Bootcamp on Thursday, October 27, 8:30am-5:30pm. The class will be taught by Keith Bohn and Will Todd of Tomcat.

The evolution of technology and the structural challenges in entertainment constantly press the boundaries of safe application. This session will help attendees understand the safe parameters of using truss overhead both indoors and out by sorting through some of the myths and providing specific guidance on how structural truss components can be safely used for solutions to common conundrums.

Some of the topics to be covered:

• Considerations of truss design

• Understanding truss load tables

• Safe truss applications

• Myth busting • Real world truss usage and “rules you can use”

• Truss inspection and documentation

• Overview of ANSI E1-2-2006; Entertainment Technology–Design, Manufacture, and Use of Aluminum Truss and Towers

• Differences between flown and ground supported structures

• Outdoor considerations

• Detailed review of ANSI E1-21-2006; Temporary Ground Supported Overhead Structures Used to Cover Stage Areas and Support Equipment in the Production of Entertainment Events.

These sessions have historically included lively discussions about real world stories and situations, and this year is sure to continue that tradition. Be sure to bring your stories, situations and questions.

Register and earn 8 ETCP renewal credits.

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