ZZYZX, Inc. announced the appointment of Tenfeet, BV as its ESP Vision distributor for the Benelux countries.

Tenfeet will also be responsible for training, support and visualization services in the region. Tenfeet has long been a respected name in lighting previsualization services for European projects. It prides itself on a state-of-the-art studio in the Netherlands, as well as the expertise in 3D lighting, training, 3D visualization and the personnel necessary to complete any related task successfully.

“Anyone in the lighting industry is familiar with the high level of work that tenfeet is so accustomed to providing,” says Alan “AJ” Jesse, director of support for ESP Vision. “ESP Vision prides itself on providing a level of support to its customers that is unprecedented. Tenfeet has the same philosophy, ensuring our joint customers in the Netherlands and Belgium with a quality experience.”

"Sometimes you've got to do right," says Ton Swaak, director and general manager of Tenfeet, bv. “Let's be honest about it-- making a trip around the world is much easier when you know you get the right connecting flights. We at Tenfeet are more than happy to be sure that we not only booked the right flight, but also have some of the best seats. And that's good because this one will be in the air for a long time. ESP Vision makes it possible for us to expand our 3-D visualization and pre-program facilities and offer our clients a new and higher level of quality and support.”

For additional information go to www.espvision.com.