Techsmart, from BMI Supply, made an impressive debut at LDI in Orlando by offering designers detailed info on thousands of products online.

According to ESTA’s “How Customers Specify…” research, the Internet is the overwhelming preferred source for finding product information, but end–users are continually frustrated with the lack of complete, easy–to–find data.

Techsmart aims to end that frustrations by providing pictures, descriptions, cut sheets, videos, manuals, MSDS, and technical data for thousands of products from over 100 manufacturers all in one convenient spot, available at your fingertips anywhere and anytime by just going to

“We realize just how valuable our customers’ time is,” says BMI sales manager Steve Roudebush. “Getting quick answers to simple questions shouldn’t be difficult.”

In addition to standardizing product data, Techsmart also enables end users to easily request quotes and place orders online. “With everything that needs to be done for a successful show,” Roudebush continues, “the last thing that should bog you down is finding, ordering, and receiving the right supplies and equipment for your show.”

Techsmart will augment traditional communication and ordering channels. “Many technical directors, master electricians, or purchasing agents have a preferred ordering method. We’re always aiming to serve our customers’ needs in their favorite fashion,” says BMI Supply president Robert Barber. Techsmart will also feature a live chat interface, scheduled to launch by January 1, 2006.

Techsmart can be accessed directly at or via