The new Studer Vista 8 Digital Live Production Console represents another leap in ergonomic design and operational ease. Building on the successful platform of the Vista 6 and 7, the Vista 8 similarly incorporates the highly-acclaimed Vistonics™ user interface, but this time has expanded the concept to provide unmatched output metering and control in addition to a host of other superb features.

The Vista 8 combines and extends the powerful on-air features of the Vista 6 with the dynamic automation of the Vista 7 to create a highly sophisticated and flexible multipurpose live broadcast desk. The new control bay design offers more faders in a smaller footprint making it ideal for both fixed install broadcast and remote vehicle applications. In addition, a comprehensive snapshot system and dedicated mute groups make this desk the perfect choice for live performance environments such as concert halls, theaters, and houses of worship.

The Vista 8’s completely redesigned central control bay has 12 motorized faders and a Vistonics TFT screen with 40 rotary controls, which provide directly accessible level controls for up to 52 audio paths, including master, group, or matrix outputs. The new “reverse operation” feature enables the operator to rapidly identify all channels contributing to any master bus and adjust levels instantly. The two faders on the right of the control bay are dedicated as grand masters, and the other 10 faders line up with the 40 rotary controls, as in the channel bays, so that their associated pushbuttons enable SOLO/PFL, MUTE and TALK to each master output.

Furthermore, metering facilities have been considerably extended with 48 assignable meters, and an important facility for theater operations is the advanced matrix functionality that enables the user to not only assign master channels to the matrix outputs but even assign an input channel directly to a matrix output.

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Studer Professional Audio GmbH, founded by Willi Studer in 1948 and headquartered in Regensdorf, Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of digital and analog mixing consoles and other high-end products for broadcast and recording applications. The company’s products are distributed in the US by Harman Pro North America (HPNA), which also distributes products for BSS Audio and Soundcraft. HPNA is a subsidiary of Harman International.