Strand Lighting has chosen ShowTech in Berlin and ABTT in London for the introduction of the new EC21 series dimmer racks. The new racks were developed in response to feedback on Strand’s entire dimmer range from customers and consultants. EC21 is able to have up to 96 Sinewave dimmers in a single rack, which simplifies the implementation of full or partial Sinewave dimming solutions.

The new racks allow users to mix and match dimmers of any type (both Sinewave and conventional dimmers) within a rack to meet the needs of a various installations. The system features a new Quad standard dimmer module, which allows racks to have a density of up to 144 dimmers. EC21 Dimmers are available with a wide range of circuit breaker and filter choke options. Status reporting is also available for most dimmers and is standard on Sinewave modules.

Implementing Strand ShowNet networking solutions, the new racks feature a new high-performance processor with integrated Ethernet control input that has an easy-to-use Web browser-based configuration and monitoring system. The processor features an integrated Ethernet multi-port switch allowing rack to rack data interconnection using standard Ethernet Patch cables. As with all Strand dimmer racks, Outlook Architectural control and System Wide Back up presets are included in the new system .

Strand Lighting now provides WYSIWYG CE with all of their 500 series consoles. At ShowTech and ABTT, Strand will be showing the most current Strand software release, which fully supports the linking of WYSIWYG with their consoles. WYSIWYG running on Strand Networks is matched to the capacity of the console allowing users to see their entire rig regardless of system size. Strand Lighting is a registered WYSIWYG developer.