has announced a major new productivity enhancement as part of their Feature per Month update service. Using a current design as a source document, Convert Environment automatically creates new layouts in other environments within Stardraw’s design and documentation packages.

Stardraw marketing director Rob Robinson explains, “Stardraw has always used different environments to allow you to present your system documentation in the most appropriate format. For example, engineering layouts are best produced in the Block Schematic environment, while sales presentations benefit from the Pictorial Schematic and Rack Layout environments. Stardraw has long had a Convert to Rack function which analyses all the data in your Block Schematic, selects those elements that are rack-mountable and then puts that information into the Rack Layout environment. July’s feature, the Convert Environment tool, broadens that capability to allow you to move easily between Block Schematic, Pictorial Schematic and Rack Layout environments without having to re-select symbols from the Library list each time you create a new drawing in a different environment. Furthermore, any attributes that you define in one environment will automatically be passed to the new drawing. All you have to do is position the symbols as you want them and add any objects that are specific to the new drawing. It’s a great time-saver.”

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