Software providers have announced the public availability of a Beta 1 version of their award-winning application Stardraw Control.

During the Beta-test period, Stardraw is inviting manufacturers and systems specialists to become test partners in this exciting new project. In return, test partners are asked to provide as much detailed feedback as possible via the dedicated Stardraw Control forum that has been set up especially for this purpose.

Stardraw Control is fast, powerful, flexible, and easy to use; with a drag-drop interface and intuitive design environment, installers are able to configure systems and control them without having to write a single line of code. Utilization of technology means that control programs are portable and can run on any Windows-enabled device, from PC to PDA, or Mac, Linux, and more. Stardraw Control can communicate with and control any device using any protocol including TCP/IP, RS232, DMX, IR, EtherSound, etc.

Stardraw Control's open architecture means that manufacturers can offer software control without the overhead of developing exclusive (and limited) software applications for individual products, and since Stardraw Control communicates with any existing device-specific Application Programming Interface (API), manufacturers can add support of their products without changing existing code or adding new hardware.

For the duration of the Beta-testing, will undertake all work required to add support for products at no cost to the manufacturer. All the manufacturer has to do is supply a loan unit of the appropriate device with supporting documentation and will do the rest.

For systems integrators this open, unified approach means that a single application can control many diverse products with as much or as little complexity as the end user needs.

For more information on Stardraw Control and how to become a test partner, visit