The owners of the Spectra companies (in Stockholm and Malmö) and Diroco have decided to form a jointly-owned company, Spectra Stage & Event Technologies AB. All operations will be run from the newly-formed company in Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg and Gävle, with the original companies acting as controlling companies.

The Spectra and Diroco’s turnover for 2004 is estimated to be in the region of SEK 70 million ($10.4 million) and SEK 75-80 million ($11-11.9 million) for 2005. The merger results in the largest lighting design and lighting production company in Sweden and Scandinavia, employing some 40 people. The merger will allow for continued investment in new technology and competent people.

"This is a structural move, fully in line with developments on the technology side in event-ertainment in Sweden, Scandinavia, and Europe," says Hans Dahlin, who will be CEO of Spectra Stage & Event Technologies AB. "We feel that the tough period that the industry has been experiencing is now clearly coming to an end."

Considering the collective lighting design and production expertise that Spectra Stage & Event Technologies will have at its disposal, the company hopes to take on more major international projects like the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev in 2005–a project that Spectra has been extensively involved with the contest for the past five years.

"In recent years, Diroco has invested in quality in its projects with emphasis on events and installation. It’s a wonderful feeling to have access to all the resources that Spectra has," says Diroco CEO Anders Hansson. "All in all, Spectra Stage & Event Technologies will be a full-fledged and highly competent lighting design and lighting production company."

Spectra and Diroco emphasize that the merger is a "customer-oriented decision" that will facilitate communication and relations with worldwide suppliers and backers. In the largest operative change, Spectra Plus’s people in Göteborg will move to Diroco’s premises on Varholmsgatan in Göteborg. By combining facilities, the company believes that it can improve delivery to its customers.

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