This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 24th in Riga, Latvia and, for the third time, the Swedish lighting company Spectra+ will supply the gear. The company also supplied equipment to Eurovision in 2000, when it was held in Stockholm, and last year, when it took place in Tallinn, Estonia.

As he did last year, LD Per Sundin will once again design the lighting, which will be pre-programmed at Spectra+’s WYSIWIG studio. Spectra+ will work with NA Ltd, Latvia’s leading lighting company to service the event.

Under Sundin’s design, last year’s Eurovision broadcast provided a major debut for High End Systems Catalyst. This year’s lineup of gear includes Catalyst again, but this time in the highly anticipated Version III. Other gear to be used includes 20 High End x.Spots, 109 High End Studio Beam, 75 High End Studio Spots, and eight Robert Juliat followspots. Also, 52 sq. m. of Barco units built into the stage floor and Lighthouse LED units built into round trusses controller by Verlinde Cyberhoists. All video and LED applications are controlled by Catalyst software with an Avab Pronto, Version 3.0 controlling the lighting.

The estimated audience for the Eurovision Song Contest is 200 million.