In the ever trendy, fast-paced, and highly competitive South Beach, Miami scene, club owners Peter and Tina Pekofsky have mastered the art of staying afloat, literally. Since 1997, they have operated Club Deep , a nightclub that uses a 2,000-gallon aquarium as its dance floor. The club’s originality has made it famous worldwide, but it is the Pekofskys’ hands-on management style and their consistent re-invention of the club that maintains Club Deep’s reputation as South Beach’s most enduring nightclub.

Fish swim beneath dancers feet at Club Deep

This year, to keep the club fresh, the owners focused their attention on lighting design. The club recently underwent a complete renovation that included decking out the aquarium/dance floor with 34 Chauvet LED COLORtubesTM. The result is mesmerizing, as patrons dance on lit blocks of water with fish swimming underneath. The club also installed Chauvet scanners and lasers, which project light onto the dance floor from above: their high energy contrasting nicely with the soothing atmosphere provided by the water.

Light projects onto the dancefloor