Sound Physics Labs, Inc./ServoDrive, based in Glenview, IL, recently announced a licensing agreement with Yorkville Sound located in Toronto, Canada. The agreement allows Yorkville the use of Sound Physics Labs patented Unity Summation Aperture Horn Technology and the name Unity in conjunction with Yorkville's new Unity family of products. Created by Thomas Danley, director of R&D for Sound Physics Labs, this unique horn technology is designed to act as a single point-source system delivering clear sound without processing.

Explaining the move, Brad Skuran, president of Sound Physics Labs, Inc., says, "Yorkville is a market-savvy, technology-driven company committed to providing sensibly priced loudspeakers systems to a diverse group of end users. They found Danley's Unity design a significant departure from conventional 'me-too' loudspeakers and decided that taking this new approach would positively impact sales. Their high standards for speaker manufacturing met our requirements plus they are uniquely qualified to market and distribute our technology especially in Canada and the northeastern United States."

"Yorkville always wants to deliver the best possible products to our customers," notes Ron Tizzard, vice president of Yorkville, "and have always taken a certain pride in introducing innovative loudspeaker technologies that challenge the size versus price versus performance barriers. We are truly excited about bringing Unity horn technology to the marketplace in a relatively compact cabinet, and at a price that makes it exciting for Yorkville's dealers and end-users. We see Unity as one of the most significant new innovations in loudspeaker design over the last few decades. And also see it as a rare opportunity to redefine the performance the industry expects from a high performance, mid-priced loudspeaker box."

Recently Yorkville debuted the U15, a full-range enclosure design that combines Unity Summation Aperture Horn Technology with a next generation 15-inch neodymium woofer. The U15 provides high/mid frequency distribution from the 60º x 60º horn assembly that produces frequencies from 300Hz to 20kHz. Unity horn technology combines a single 1.75-inch diaphragm compression driver with three 5-inch ceramic magnet mid-range drivers on a single highly efficient conical horn. All four-component drivers mounted in a Unity horn measure and act like a single point source.