Apollo Design Technology, Inc.

, manufacturer and distributor of custom gobos and other lighting effects products and accessories for the entertainment industry, introduces the Smart Color™ line of color changers. One operational feature that sets the single channel Smart Color apart is the continuous, bi-directional scroll mode that does not require a lighting console.

Apollo is also offering a unique "package" offer with its new Smart Color scroller: to save the user time and money, Apollo ships Smart Color scrollers with a pre-installed mounting plate and gel shield, and pre-loads the gel string–straight from the box to the light fixture for one price.

Manufactured to Apollo specifications based on recommendations from experienced scroller users, Smart Colors are made from lightweight aluminum and utilize precision motor bearings for quiet operation. They are available with 5.25", 7.25" and 10" apertures that maximize light output. A universal mounting plate that adjusts between to 10" to fit all ellipsoidal and many wash fixtures is also available for the Smart Color 7.25.