The SIB trade show, the every-other-year celebration of club lighting and sound technology (and of partying and delicious Italian food) held in Rimini, Italy, is getting a makeover. The 2004 edition, to be held March 13-16 at the Rimini Fiera (that’s convention center to you) will be known as the International Exhibition of Event and Entertainment Technology.

The change is the result of a research conducted by Cermes-Bocconi, the market and industrial sector research center of Bocconi University. The survey focused on new markets for the products traditional shown at SIB, and analyzed the trends in attendees at the last six editions of the trade show. Thus the show is now going to reach out to markets such as theatre, live events, cruise ships, and much more.

To do so, the show will be broken down into several sections. In addition to the SIB Theatre section (once known as MAGIS), which already exists, there will be, according to a release, SIB Design, “dedicated to furniture and décor for venues and architectural lighting,” and SIB Congress, “dedicated to the organization of commercial and promotional events, a showcase for tensile structures, technology for queue and crowd control, sets and fittings, catering and services.”

The hoped-for result, will be a show that is “the only Italian showcase able to present a complete selection of technology and equipment for events of every type and a real must for foreign trade members wanting to enter Italy’s most important market of shows, trade fairs, conferences, and the vast range of commercial and promotional events.”

Put plainly, SIB appears to be pulling together elements of LDI, PLASA, Lightfair, and The Special Event into one single show.

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