As the latest networking utility for its premium UHF systems, Shure's new Wireless Workbench software is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance remote control and monitoring. Capable of governing all wireless functions, the software is now shipping with UA111 and UA888 networks at no extra cost.

Among the features found within the software are a "New Alerts" window which instantly reveals problems such as low battery life and degraded reception. WiNRADiO®, a broadband scanner interface, has also been added to the package, along with new scanning duration controls which can be used to provide a highly realistic view of the actual RF environment. As an aid to customizing the visual layout of individual devices, the Wireless Workbench also puts expanded capabilities to define parameters and RF environment scans only a mouse click away from users.

Existing owners of UA111 and UA888 network interface systems can download Wireless Workbench software at

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