Renowned lighting designer Ken Billington will discuss tradition versus new technology in his talk at Showlight 2005 in Munich, Germany in May.

Lighting technology is also at the heart of “Were you Right?”, a session where David Taylor will ask Richard Pilbrow (both of Theatre Projects Consultants) about some of his early prophesies for the future of stage lighting. Although Pilbrow is renowned as a theatre designer and producer, the chairman of Theatre Projects was a pioneer of modern stage lighting. His 1970 book Stage Lighting became a standard reference work and he has gone on to become a true leader of the industry.

These two presentations are just part of a much wider program of seminars, product displays, events, and backstage tours which are an integral part of Showlight 2005. Showlight is sponsored by Prinzregententheater School, part of the Bayerische Theaterakademie, together with ETC and ARRI, and couldn’t take place without the support of nearly 40 exhibitors, who will be showing and demonstrating their wares for the duration of the event. Showlight takes place at the Prinzregententheater, Munich, from Sunday May 22 to Tuesday May 24.

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