Yamaha Professional Audio introduced the Y96K high-performance DSP add-in processor card, a joint development between Yamaha and Waves, Inc. This dedicated hardware and software solution expands the recording, mixing, and mastering capabilities of Yamaha’s digital mixing consoles and digital audio workstations, and reduces the need for outboard rackmounted processors and CPU-hungry computer-based processing. The card and accompanying software package will be available in September.

The Y96K inserts into any of the Mini-YGDAI slots on the Yamaha host models and uses two DSP56K devices, providing two billion DSP operations per second. Audio processing is supported with 48-bit internal precision on a 24-bit I/O. The device includes ADAT Lightpipe fiber optic digital input/output in Master or Slave Mode, eight-channel ADAT I/O and an RS-232C port for future upgrades.

"The Y96K combines the best of hardware and software," states Wayne Hrabak, marketing manager, Yamaha Professional Audio. "Waves is the signal processing standard for audio industry professionals, and the Y96K makes that technology available to Yamaha customers at every level."

Yamaha's Y96K

Each installed card supports up to eight (44.1/48kHz) or four (88.2/96kHz) chains of effects and channels of ADAT/IO. These chains may be set to mono or stereo pair, and independently configured to process audio directly to or from the host device or the ADAT I/O. Each effect chain supports up to five different effect functions, with each function’s order individually controllable. The effects chains and processor settings may be saved, loaded and quickly accessed using the snapshot automation of the host device.

"For the Y96K card, we created a special collection of Waves audio processors that offer Yamaha users a complete audio toolkit," said Gilad Keren, Waves CEO. "The collection includes the reverb, delay, compression, equalization, de-essing and limiting processors that have been used on countless hit records, and which are relied upon by top industry professionals every day."

The package features control software and six of Waves’ finest audio processors: TrueVerb, SuperTap Delay, L1 Ultramaximizer, Renaissance Compressor, Renaissance EQ and DeEsser, with additional processors (available for purchase as downloads) scheduled for release in late 2004.

"Pairing Yamaha digital mixers and digital audio workstations with the Waves Y96K opens a whole new world of processing options, whether your application is recording or live sound mixing," adds John Schauer, product manager, Yamaha Professional Audio.

For more information visit www.yamaha.com/proaudio or visit the Waves Web site at www.waves.com.