Yamaha will be offering courses in operating its new PM1D console in New York City Sept. 27 thru Oct. 1. The comprehensive PM1D school provides the essential knowledge for operating a PM1D whether you are mixing a gig next week or are installing one in the coming months. Yamaha's experts will share their in-depth wisdom of the PM1D Digital Audio Mixing System with plenty of hands-on time and guidance during this mixing extravaganza.

As an extra treat for attendees to the seminar in NYC, Jordan Pankin, the sound mixer for the Broadway musical Bombay Dreams will be the guest at the Sept. 27th session.

Any audio professional interested in learning the fundamental operational skills of the PM1D Digital Audio Mixing System should attend. This two-day course focuses on the essentials of setting up and mixing on the PM1D Digital Audio Mixing System and will cover:

  • System component descriptions, system setup examples

  • Explanation of the CS1D control surface interface / all control and fader functions

  • Basic signal flow and routing from analog input to analog output: Patching inputs to channels; routing inputs to stereo bus, to mixes and to matrices; patching and routing to onboard Effects, dynamic processors and graphic equalizers

  • Storing and Recalling Scene Memories

  • Saving to and loading from a memory card

  • Word Clock Basics

Classes will also be offered in Cerritos, CA.

For more information or to register, click here. There is no cost for attending the PM1D school. Travel and accommodations are the responsibility of the attendee.

Please note that applying for the PM1D school does not guarantee acceptance. The available slots fill quickly and we are not always able to accommodate an applicant's first choice of dates. Please indicate your first, second and third choices for school dates. We will do everything possible to accommodate your first choice. We will confirm which session is available as soon as possible by e-mail or telephone. Detailed session information will be provided when acceptance to the PM1D school is confirmed.