Vari-Lite Inc. has entered into a partnership with TSP, granting the Moscow-based dealer exclusive rights to the sale of VARI*LITEĀ® products in Russia. Through the distribution agreement, Russian customers will, for the first time, have direct local access to sales, service and support of VARI*LITE products, including the Series 2000TM product line and the new VL1000TM ellipsoidal reflector spotlight.

"The Russian market is very important. It is a sophisticated market and we are excited about it's potential," says Vari-Lite vice president of sales and marketing Bob Schacherl. "It is vital that we have well-known and financially sound partners to work with, which is where TSP comes in. TSP is deeply involved with both the theater and rental markets, so they are an excellent fit to represent our entire range of products."

TSP is a distribution company founded by industry veterans Andrei Miroshnichenko, Nick Mordassov and Sergei Turin. The company will sell VARI*LITE automated lighting products to rental and installation companies throughout Russia. TSP is planning an open house, dates for which have not been finalized.

"There is a tremendous amount of entrepreneurial activity taking place in Russia right now. There are a lot of theaters, a growing club scene, and the touring industry shares a lot of similarities with Western civilization," says Mordassov. "The customers understand quality. Having access to VARI*LITE products means something more than just buying automated lights, it is the ability to own the best lights available. There is a feeling that goes along with that that cannot be explained."