Following the announcement in May of Dove Net Technologies becoming's first US national reseller, Stardraw expands its reseller network in North America with the appointment of Massachusetts-based Simply Reliable Software.

SRS is known best within the residential installation market where their own application, SRS SmartOffice, offers systems integrators a fully featured, database-driven software tool to manage the complete business process of custom installations, from contact management, prospect tracking, proposal generation right through to scheduling, billing and project management.

"Once again we have succeeded in marrying two complementary applications to create a balanced and integrated whole," said Stardraw marketing director Rob Robinson. "Stardraw adds value to SRS by providing the front-end drawing package for their business management tool while the commercial partnership meets our strategic objectives in terms of penetration into what is for us a relatively new market. The relationship works beautifully for everyone."

SRS creator Jonathan Knapp agrees wholeheartedly. "When I first started SRS, it was with the specific intention of creating a software tool to manage the business process for custom installations firms," he said. "SRS’s interest in engineering is to automate redundant data entry and streamline the engineering process. There are several drawing products that my clients use but, unfortunately, the solutions that currently exist in this market were not specifically designed for electronic systems design and have often been described as unsatisfactory, both in terms of ease of use and operation."

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