The Hollywood, FL-based Stanton Magnetics, Tracoman, and KRK Systems will complete their move into the new world headquarters for the Stanton Group on July 1 of this year. The 45,000 square foot building is located less than five minutes from Fort Lauderdale International Airport, in the Port 95 Industrial Park.

The headquarters will house the international sales offices for Stanton Magnetics, KRK Systems, and Tracoman Inc., the lighting division for the group. The move is designed to consolidate tasks such as shipping, accounting, and marketing.

Marcel Fairbairn, VP for the lighting division says, “This is a very welcome move for all of us. First, it gives us much-needed breathing room in a new, state-of-the-art facility. Secondly, we will soon open our new lighting demonstration and training facility for our dealers, reps, and end users to not only view our products, but more importantly to learn the finer points of operation and maintenance.”

The group will also maintain their West Coast distribution center in Huntington Beach, CA. Henri Cohen, sales manager for Stanton Group, notes, “We’re all excited about having everything under one roof. The timing was right, and this new space will allow for our anticipated growth over the next few years.”

The Stanton Group headquarters is located at 3000 SW 42nd St., Hollywood, FL, 33312. The new phone number is 954-689-8833, and the new fax number is 954-689-8460. All 800 numbers will remain the same.

Stanton Magnetics, founded in 1946, with its roots in the cartridge and styli industry, manufactures products geared to the broadcast studio and recording industry, as well as the club and professional DJ markets. For information on Stanton Magnetics, visit its website at .

Tracoman originally began in 1986 as an importer and distributor for Denmark-based Martin Lighting. Fairbairn and Cohen formed Tracoman, LLC for its second run in 1999; both were involved with Tracoman originally. In addition, Tracoman also has strategic relationships with Mobil Tech, and Antari Fog Machines. For more information on Tracoman, visit its website at .