University of Florida lighting design professor Stan Kaye and Luxam Corp., have developed specialty miniature lighting equipment for lighting design mockup work on scale models. Never before have designers in theatre, architecture, or film had the capability to work with the same precision they have with full-scale professional lighting equipment. While scale models are standard practice in the entertainment industry, scale lighting with similar precision in miniature models has not been available until now. Using high quality optics, fiber optic harness’ logical grip attachments, shuttering, color filtering, and gobo projection are now available for your models. Originally designed for museum artifact illumination, specialized kits are now being made available. It is now possible to show a client or director in truth what your lighting will look like in three-dimensional space, on real surfaces with the actual color filters, and templates using a light source that matches theatrical fixtures; and, it’s dimmable.

Three kits are available to get you started, including a beginner, medium, and master kit. All kits come with all the needed accessories to set up a system to adequately light a model with results’ that are true representations of the designer’s visual idea of lighting. The system is not intended to be used for quantitative evaluation of luminance levels. These kits are intended as artistic tools for the lighting designer or educator to communicate and represent their lighting ideas to others. Finally we can do more that talk about what the lighting will look like. Real light, real lenses, real gobos, real color, not a visualization tool, it is an actual lighting tool that is based on real lighting technology with a high level of craftsmanship and manufacturing skill.

More detailed information may be received by viewing the Luxam website at or by contacting Professor Stan Kaye at the University of Florida who helped develop the model rendering system. Professor Kaye may be reached at or 352-392-2038. Kit pricing and a bill of materials may be obtained from Luxam. All hardware-included in the kits may not be found on the web site at this time.