Julie Smith and Ron Winn have joined Entertainment Technology to oversee its customer service and application engineering departments, respectively. These two industry veterans will ensure that the infrastructure is in place to support the company's continued growth expectations.

Since its acquisition by the Genlyte Thomas Group, LLC in 2001, Entertainment Technology has introduced IGBT dimming technology into numerous markets. ET has also introduced the Intelligent Raceway(TM) distributed dimming system, the Marquee family of lighting control consoles and the Bak Pak IGBT individual dimmer--that have been highly acclaimed in the lighting and lighting control industry.

"Silent dimming has become a hot topic in the lighting industry of late," Winn says. "Entertainment Technology has been doing IGBT silent dimming for more than a dozen years, so we are the definite leader in the industry. We are also seeing tremendous growth with our distributed dimming and Intelligent Raceway systems. I look forward to working with our customers from the planning stages through installation and completion of their projects."

As its customer base continues to grow and more products are introduced, the demands and expectations of its customer service and applications engineering departments also increase. As manager of customer service, Smith is responsible for all aspects of the Entertainment Technology customer service department including field service. Winn's role as manager of applications engineering gives him responsibility for quotations and applications engineering. Both Smith and Winn report directly to Genlyte Controls general manager Steve Carson.

"My goal is to improve customer response time and communication between Entertainment Technology and our customers," Smith says. "In addition to its wide range of award-winning products, I want Entertainment Technology to be well-known for its exceptional customer care."

Smith is a veteran of the live entertainment industry, having spent four years as business manager of Showco. She was most recently operations manager at Vari-Lite, after previously serving as office manager of the VLPS rental offices in Chicago, Nashville and Orlando. Smith can be reached at 214-647-7987 or jsmith@genlyte.com.

Winn has been in the dimming industry almost 20 and was part of a team that developed one of the first computer-controlled wall-box dimmer products. He is well-rounded in the industry and has held positions in sales, purchasing, operations and customer service, as well as general manager for Rosco, from whom Genlyte Thomas purchased Entertainment Technology. You can reach Winn at 214-647-7982 or rwinn@genlyte.com.