Coda Audio Services Singapore

has branched into pro audio distribution following its appointment by Aviom, US manufacturer of networking, distribution and monitoring solutions, to represent the brand exclusively in Singapore and Malaysia.

The formation of a distribution arm marks an exciting turn for Coda, which has been operating from Singapore for the past two years as an audio systems specialist and production management company.

"Coda Audio Services is very pleased to have been appointed as the master distributor for Aviom in this region," says director Philip Murphy. "With our background in live sound production and installation, we immediately perceived the benefits of Aviom's distributed audio networks and personal monitor mixers for use in theatres, studios and houses of worship. This is an exciting, innovative and cost effective product range, bringing a new generation of high quality digital snake systems to the Asian market."

Coda ensured that Aviom got off to a flying start under the new arrangement, supplying a 64-channel digital snake system comprised of four AN-16i Input Modules, four AN-16o Output Modules and an SB-1 System Bridge for the MTV Asia Awards in Singapore in February. The system, which was used as a multicore from front of house to the broadcast and recording locations, was selected by Joe Gan, director of production specialist The Show Company.

"Our long term relationship with the MTV Asia Awards has familiarized us with the high technical standards demanded, so venturing into the world of digital multicore systems was not to be taken lightly," says Gan. "Having investigated what was available on the market, we decided the Aviom A-Net system had the bandwidth, sonic transparency and number of inputs and outputs required to meet those demands. Coupled with a Yamaha PM1D desk, the Aviom system allowed us to remain in the digital domain at virtually every stage of the broadcast and recording process, whilst using inexpensive Cat 5 cabling. Aviom has created a brilliant product - lightweight, simple to set up and natural sounding."

Sixteen A-16 Personal Monitor Mixing systems have also been supplied as part of a church installation in Singapore by contract specialist Electronics and Engineering.

Coda Audio Services was originally set up in Sydney, Australia, in 1990. Coda Audio Services Singapore is being run by founder director Philip Murphy, who moved to South East Asia to provide systems, technical support and production services for such events as the Singapore National Day Parade, Promax Asia, the Asian Television Awards, the Bangkok Motor Show and corporate events for DHL in Vietnam. Coda Singapore is also a preferred audio system supplier for The Esplanade Theatres on the Bay.