Silicon Optix, a fabless semiconductor company focused on the convergence of silicon and optics, acquired Liesegang electronics GmbH in Hannover, Germany in late 2003.

Previously a subsidiary of Ed. Liesegang oHG operating as Liesegang projector systems, Liesegang electronics, a front projection technology leader over the past 15 years, has accumulated key display expertise, including geometry processing, through the development of multiple generations of system platforms and ASIC display engines.

Silicon Optix will draw on this expertise to develop electronics subsystems and system-on-a-chip semiconductors for the front projection and rear projection display markets.

The company will continue operations in Germany, under the name Silicon Optix GmbH, and Hamid Farzaneh, Silicon Optix's executive vice president of sales and business development, will be Silicon Optix GmbH's managing director.

"Integrating Liesegang electronics into Silicon Optix strengthens our engineering team and gives Silicon Optix the advantage of broadening our geometry processing technology for the large-area display processing market," said Paul Russo, Silicon Optix president and CEO. "It also gives us a base to leverage new markets, such as automotive heads-up displays, where Europe has a great deal of expertise."

"Liesegang electronics image processing and system design expertise has been utilized by Liesegang projectors particularly in applications using Texas Instrument's DLP technology, and through development contracts with imaging systems, digital printing, medical equipment and other leading edge companies," said Hamid Farzaneh, Silicon Optix's executive vice president of sales and business development. "By combining Silicon Optix and Liesegang engineering teams, and by accessing Europe's world-class research institutes such as Max-Planck-Gesellschaft and Fraunhofer, Silicon Optix will continue to deliver world-class image and display processing platforms."