Joe Ciaudelli, a longtime veteran of the audio industry with Sennheiser Electronics, has formed a new company in the field of photonics technology. Ciaudelli is the president and CEO of Rayvel, which specializes in holographic 3D imaging and gratings (devices that separate light into its components).

Photonics, the science of light, has been increasingly applied to a wide gamut of products and industries, Ciaudelli says. “Rayvel will tap into the increasing demand for this technology, ” he adds. “It is a scalable science. It can provide simple, practical solutions to everyday problems as well as be applied to cutting edge complex systems. We planned our business model in the same scalable fashion.”

To that end, Ciaudelli says he has segmented Rayvel into five business areas or "Pillars":

1) Consumer holographic novelties
2) Business-to-business, providing eye-catching packaging, point-of-sale displays, and seals to verify product authenticity
3) Scientific and industrial diffraction gratings for measurement and networking systems
4) Government document and security holographic laminates and seals
5) Advanced research and development, pioneering new products and applications
“Rayvel will initially focus on Pillars 1 and 2 to establish a steady revenue stream," he explains. "We will irrigate profits back into the company to provide progressive and proportional growth of the advanced products of Pillars 3-5.”

Ciaudelli was a 15-year veteran of Sennheiser, starting out as an engineer specializing in configuration of radio frequency wireless audio systems. He mapped frequency coordination plans for Broadway shows, major theme parks, and national broadcast networks. He was later appointed to director of marketing.

“I am grateful to have developed a variety of transportable skills,” notes Ciaudelli. “One of the most essential lessons I learned is that it takes a team to build a successful company. The support from our consultants and vendors during Rayvel’s embryonic development stage has been inspirational. We have recruited key staff members to posture the company for rapid growth. Rayvel will be formally announcing these appointments within the next few weeks."