Scharff Weisberg has wrapped up a deal with German-based G-LEC to be the exclusive U.S. rental agent for G-LEC ClassicFrame™, a new transparent LED "graphics display curtain." The company will rent the technology as a unique effects device for rock concerts, Broadway theater, television, and large-scale corporate events.

"We see this as part of a new breed of products in our industry, combining lighting with video and stage design," commented Scharff Weisberg Partner, Peter Scharff. "There are a myriad of creative applications for G-LEC ClassicFrame™ and once we get it into the hands of show designers, it's going to open up many new creative possibilities."

The G-LEC ClassicFrame™ is a modular LED graphics display for indoor and outdoor use that can be used to create vibrant, dynamic visuals of enormous size. Its unique features are its transparency and extreme lightweight, but what is immediately noticeable are the rich coloring and very fast and smoothly graceful graphic display. Totally unlike a video wall, the ClassicFrame ultrabright pixels are 2" apart, allowing not only visual transparency, but also audio and wind transparency. Physically, the ClassicFrame consists of two or more aluminum frames, each with 30 acrylic tubes featuring 16 ultrabright RGB LED pixels. The frames can be mounted together in any configuration. Systems can be designed to be very large, well over 1000 square feet, and can also be configured to be split and moved apart, even while performing their graphics display. The ClassicFrame shows still and animated content stored on a graphics server, which are triggered by any suitable DMX controller, as well as live or recorded video.

Mark de Gruyter

"The transparency of the ClassicFrame allows actors and objects behind the display to be invisible when not lit; it also allows backlighting of performers through the display," observed G-LEC’s Director of International Business Development, Peter Ed. "The system is often used to hide orchestras and bands and to provide brilliant and dynamic graphics to conceal unsightly speaker stacks."

Scharff Weisberg will take delivery of the system in late July and will be the only resource in the U.S. for rental of the G-LEC ClassicFrame. Scharff Weisberg, which has a staging, lighting, and media resource company, is uniquely qualified to take full advantage of the new system. "Our video staging department is expert in video, display and playback technology. Our lighting department is well-versed in lighting elements and consoles. And the Scharff Weisberg Media Resource Center can configure media to the specific requirements of any design," noted Scharff.

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