The 2003 EDDY Awards were held on Friday, June 27 at John Jay Theatre in New York, as Entertainment Design honored a group of individuals and design teams for excellence in design and technology, and presented outstanding product awards for new products in sound, lighting, and for the first time, projection and staging.

Billed as a “Salute To The New York Theatre,” this year's EDDY honorees were:

John Lee Beatty, for sustained achievement in set design, presented by choreographer Kathleen Marshall;

Elaine McCarthy, for the next generation in projection design, presented by set designer Lauren Helpern;

Dan Moses Schreier, for sustained achievement in sound design, presented by lighting designer Natasha Katz;

Production electrician Mike LoBue, for keeping the lights bright on Broadway, presented by lighting designer John McKernon, a last-minute replacement for Howell Binkley, who was stuck in Chicago doing tech for Stephen Sondheim's Bounce;

Director Mary Zimmerman's design team--costume designer Mara Blumenfeld, lighting designer TJ Gerckens, and set designer Dan Ostling--for exemplifying the art of collaboration, presented by Second Stage artistic director Carole Rothman;

Theatre Projects Consultants, for 45 years of design excellence, presented by set and costume designer Tony Walton.

Below is a visual sampling of the event:

Jackie Tien offers a few introductory remarks.

Master of ceremonies David Johnson making a strange hand gesture.

Designer Chris Countryman accepting an award for the Countryman E-6 earset.

Meyer Sound's Tim Chapman and Sandy McDonald accepting their crystal for the M1D and M2D arrays.

Tomcat's John James accepts a crystal for the Swing Wing Truss.

Medialon's Ken Bell and Alex Carru picking up their award for Medialon’s Manager software.

Martin's Eric Loader accepting an award from Ellen Lampert Greaux for the Mac 2000 Performance.

Vari-Lite's Bob Schacherl accepting a crystal for the VL1000.

Mary Zimmerman design collaborators Mara Blumenfeld and TJ Gerckens.

John Lee Beatty and Kathleen Marshall.

Broadway production electrician Mike LoBue.

Elaine McCarthy and Lauren Helpern.

Sound designer Dan Moses Schreier and lighting designer Natasha Katz kiss like they know each other.

Richard Pilbrow and Tony Walton.

The EDDY Award Class of 2003.