Richard Mead has been named Flying Pig Systems product manager "for all things Pig," according to John Wiseman, VP of worldwide wales for High End Systems.

Mead, who has a physics degree from Oxford University, has been with the UK-based Flying Pig Systems for four years. During that time he was instrumental in the design and development of the Wholehog III lighting console, which is currently shipping in the marketplace. He was also a key code writer for the product.

Says Wiseman, "We are happy that Richard will be the point of contact for all Flying Pig products. His appointment to this position is a key part of the further integration of HES and FPS from product development to product support and all aspects in between. Richard's depth of knowledge from Wholehog II as well as up to and beyond Wholehog III gives our clients and end users an unprecedented access to the FPS line of products." Mead is currently based in the London office of Flying Pig Systems, but will soon relocate to the automated lighting manufacturer's headquarters in Austin, TX.