New from interconnect manufacturer Pro Co Sound, ProCat Cat5 cable features the flexibility of a supple microphone cable with complete Cat5 specification compliance and versatility. ProCat wire is intended primarily for live and other portable applications in need of a flexible category five cable for distances up to 75 meters.

Durably constructed of 4 color-coded twisted-pair 24 AWG stranded copper conductors, ProCat is engineered to meet all compliance specifications of standard Cat5 solid copper conductor wire. Techs who work with the thick over molded 6.86 mm PVC outer jacket will feel ProCat’s round, smooth convolution-free properties.

The outer jacket strips away to reveal the 5.72 mm inner jacket with the color-coded twisted pairs. At this level, the ProCat needs no explanation since techs terminate the cable in the same way as any other Cat5 cable. Both inner and outer jackets are specially constructed to increase the diameter and feel of the cable.

Available in bulk as well as custom and standard lengths and terminations including RJ45 to Neutrik Ethercon, RJ45 to RJ45, or Ethercon to Ethercon. ProCat Cat5 cable is crafted to rival the reliability and sturdiness of the best stage cables.