Expect to see an exceedingly high number of new products at the exceedingly hot Earl’s Court this September when PLASA 2001 opens its doors for another show. Each year the show floor gets bigger, and each year the un-air-conditioned Earl’s Court gets more and more unbearable; expect more of the same at this year’s show, to be held September 9-12.

The following is a highly selective look at some of the new products announced at press time that will be making their debut on the show floor:

AC Lighting AC Lighting will feature a vast array of lighting related equipment, including the full line of MDG Non-Stop haze, fog and low fog generators, the Jands range of lighting consoles and dimmers, including the new Version 4.2 software for the Event 408 and 416, and the complete family of Chroma-Q Colour Changers.

Artistic Licence will be showing 10 new products, including Up-Link and Down-Link, US and UK format wall plates designed to convert DMX512 data to Ethernet, and vice versa. The product range is based on the Art-Net protocol, a public domain standard with multi-vendor support including Artistic Licence, ADB, MA Lighting, Doug Fleenor Design and Goddard Design Co.

Autograph Sound is displaying a range of products, including Meyer Sound Loudspeakers' widely-acclaimed M3D Line Array system, Clear-Com Intercom communication systems, Lab Gruppen amplifiers (featuring the new iP and fP series), Axys Intellivox loudspeakers with Digital Directivity Control, ATM Flyware for loudspeaker rigging, Avenger Show control systems and Digital Talkback which allows for digital radio multi-channel communication.

Avolites will be launching the Art-2000 US 20 amp digital dimmer, specifically designed for the US market. The Art-2000 features a mains patch with four sockets per dimmer channel (a total of 192), with 162 patch cords connected to 25 Socapex and 12 Stagepin outlets. Also making its debut is the Diamond 4 lighting console, which is a large-scale version of the D3 and is designed for festivals and multi-purpose venues.

Bandit Lites will once again be offering Guiness on tap at their booth, and for that we should all be thankful.

New from Cadac is the production version of the R-Type live production console, which has comprehensive facilities for both FOH and monitor mixing and is a flexible, re-configurable console, using Cadac’s unique 'plug-anywhere' modules for fast installation.

Shown for the first time, Clay Paky's Stage Profile SV combines the quality of a professional beam-shaper with the versatility of a moving body projector. Stage Zoom SV and Stage Color SV are the silenced versions of the Stage Line models and are suitable for any environment where operating silence is crucial. Also on stand is the Golden Spot 1200 effects projector and the Golden Color 1200 washlight, designed for tours, theatre, TV and discotheques.

The Coe Tech stand will be showing its inventory of intelligent lighting fixtures including the latest launches from Italian brands Coemar, TAS, and Travel Show, plus Futurelight from Germany. On the Coemar front, showgoers should look out for the I-Spot 150, a luminaire for bar, pub, café, restaurant, club and retail and other leisure markets. The I-Spot 150 features an 150 Watt CDM SA/T short arc light source, 530 degrees pan and 284 degrees tilt, six interchangeable rotating gobos, seven colors, motorized focusing, strobe effect, sound-to-light mode, master/slave operation and hugely efficient light output for the size of fixture/light source.

This year marksDHA Lighting’s30th birthday and is also the company’s 15th appearance at PLASA. On stand is the new YoYo+, originally designed for the current production of My Fair Lady, in which it creates the effect of curtains opening to reveal a window. Ideal for revealing images and for creating effects such as sunrises, opening doors and windows, bouncing balls and floating balloons, the YoYo+ is available in single and double versions.

EAWwill be showing the KF760 Series, which is comprised of two loudspeaker systems: the KF760 long-throw module and the KF761 near-field module. These modules are designed for use alone or for use together as the KF760 Line Array. The KF760 Line Array is a high output touring system that is scalable from venues under 1,000 seats to the largest of stadiums.

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) is introducing the first remote focus unit to use wireless Ethernet on a handheld PDA to enable users to control Obsession II functions. WYSILink, the graphical fault reporting system previewed at PLASA 2000, links WYSIWYG to ETC Sensor dimmers.

New from E/T/C Audio Visuel is the PIGI 2.5kW HMI Projector, a new generation compact PIGI, with internal dimmer, dichroic colour mixing and correction filters. It is available in three versions - single slide carrier and single or double scroller.

Gala is presenting The Gala Venue concept, featuring a seating riser system that transforms flat floor areas into various levels or inclined seating configurations within a few minutes. It is a practical design solution for new construction in which a single facility will be used for multiple purposes.

High End Systemsand Flying Pig Systems are showcasing four of their most innovative products of 2001: x.Spot, Hog PC, Handshake, and Catalyst. x.Spot is the industry's only network-enabled profile luminaire with 4:1 continuous zoom; two new features are debuting at the show: LithoMotion moving media and precision framing shutters. Hog PC transfers many of the Wholehog II lighting console's functions to a personal computer, allowing your light show to travel with you. Another innovation in portability is Handshake, the lighting controller designed to run on PalmIII and Palm IV organizers. And Catalyst transforms a standard single lens video projector into an automated light by adding a 360° periscope head and state-of-the-art software.

James Thomas Engineering is showing the Image Plus, a simple and cost-effective focusing device that attaches to a Par 16. The Image Plus 3 takes a standard size “E” Gobo, enabling any desired image or logo--in either glass or metal--to be projected onto a surface or wall up to four meters away. Two types of lens are available - for narrow or wide effect options, and there’s also a set of four shutters for beam shaping and masking of the projected image.

Klark Teknik is showing a range of products, including the DN9848 digital system controller, now equipped with an enhanced feature set in the form of the KT Kompressor Module V.2.05 that adds a full-function compressor to every output without compromising the existing processing. Also on display is the new active signal splitter system, the DN1248 Plus.

Le Maitre is showing is the Prostage II professional pyrotechnic range with live demonstrations. The SureFire Digital Control System will be on display, as will the SureFire Wireless System, featuring the new remote six-channel sequencer.

Lightfactor, the UK professional lighting and audio sales company, and distributor for the LDR, LightProcessor, SGM, High End (Lightwave Research), Apogee Sound and Zeck Audio ranges, will be showing a diverse range of products. New SGM products on the Lightfactor Stand will include the launch of the Giotto 400 Spot and Wash moving head luminaires. Producing 8000 lumens, these fixtures were designed and built specifically for large shows, theatres, TV studios and entertainment venues. New from Apogee Sound is the recently released range of powered loudspeakers – the APL Series. Modeled on the AE and F Series cabinets, Apogee’s powered versions are similar to the conventional loudspeakers, with processing and amplification both contained within the enclosure.

Mackie Industrialwill be showing both active and passive loudspeakers in constant voltage or constant impedance designs, analogue integrated mixers and mixer/amps, microprocessor-driven program controller/amplifiers and digital mixing and signal processing. These include ART, Vision Series and 4000 Series amplifiers, together with digital solutions and advanced DSP-based technology for mixing, routing and signal processing.

Martin Audiois launching three additional Blackline cabinets - F8, F10 and S12. The F8 and F10 are multi-angled enclosures featuring a 1" (25mm) compression driver on a 90° x 50° user rotatable horn with a long-excursion 8" (200mm) low frequency driver and a powerful 10" (250mm) low frequency driver respectively. The S12 is an extremely powerful and compact sub-bass cabinet which, when used in conjunction with either the F8 or F10, will extend the response of the complete system to below 50Hz.

Martin Professional will be launching its usual armada of new products at PLASA. They include: MAC 2000 Forma, a new version of the 1200-watt MAC 2000 profile spot featuring an internal framing device for precise stage lighting and new sub-gobo rotation wheel useful for theatrical fire and water effects; the MAC 600 NT, a new version of the MAC 600 featuring improved color mixing, a CTC system and noiseless operation, designed for noise sensitive markets like theatre and TV; and the Wizard, a DMX-controllable “full-house” effect light featuring an effect “never before seen in the effects lighting industry,” Martin says. The Wizard uses a high-output 250-watt discharge source (2000-hour life) and delivers more than 80 light beams, each beam chasing the other while continuously changing color and gobo pattern.

Midasis showing Legend, a “tri-purpose” console for live music production. Thanks to the inclusion of two lots of EQ and two faders for level control on each channel, Legend offers control over both FOH and monitor mixes.

Neutrik UK Ltdis introducing the EtherCon range of rugged and robust RJ45 connectors, designed for harsh and demanding environments. Neutrik developed the EtherCon series particularly for applications in audio and stage technology, including DMX systems, but it is just as well suited to harsh commercial and industrial applications.

Visual Act is a new system of remote controlled wagons for creating movement on and off the stage. The product combines the elements computer control, battery operated servos, high-speed radio communication and laser based navigation. All the components are modular and easily installed in the wagon framework. They can therefore be reused in wagons of almost any shape and size.

Zero 88will be showing addition to the unique Frog desk range. Based on the acclaimed Fat Frog, the Bull Frog features monitor outputs, attribute palettes and two DMX universes as standard. It also boasts an additional 48 conventional dimmer channels and the ability to control up to 24 moving lights.

For more info on this year’s show go to the PLASA website.