Luxology LLC, an independent technology company creating high-end 3D content creation tools has launched modo, its next generation 3D modeling system. modo combines a powerful, real-time subdivision surface modeling engine with a user-centric, highly customizable interface and includes hundreds of production-oriented tools, which can be repeatedly modified to handle the trickiest of modeling tasks.

More of a 3D modeling platform than a traditional software application, modo revolutionizes the way modeling transpires for 3D artists developing games, films, TV, and Web productions. modo is designed to be flexible enough to model everything from organics to hard surfaces, and to comfortably work in low-resolution real-time meshes, high-resolution film models, and anything in between.

Features in modo include: an advanced, dynamic workflow with fluid user interface allows users to constantly evolve modo to perfectly fit their specific method; tool composites that enable artists to use tools easily and independently with any combination of modifiers to create a nearly limitless set of advanced modeling tools; a comprehensive, fully integrated help system that provides users with training video clips to drastically cut the learning curve; and a seamless pipeline integration for smooth insertion into existing 3D pipelines. Luxology's modo product website that provides up-to-date information, including feature descriptions, education, training, and purchase information.

modo has been tested extensively through a beta site program that includes leading edge artists and companies from around the world. Testing was done through a variety of projects ranging from commercials and TV programs to high-end games and feature films.