Michael MacDonald, former head of marketing at JBL, has been named as sales and marketing consultant of L-Acoustics US.

"Michael's 20-plus years of diverse pro audio experiences have given him a tremendous amount of insight into this industry, particularly with regard to the loudspeaker market," says L-Acoustics CEO and general manager Jeffrey Cox. "We've also worked together successfully in the past, so when the opportunity recently arose to work with him again, I jumped at it."

MacDonald, who recently started Pilot Business Strategies, Inc., a firm designed to help large- and mid-sized firms develop 'breakout' strategies, had consulted for for Cox during the early stages of L-Acoustics US, when it was known as Cox Audio Engineering.

L-Acoustics is the France-based company that created the V-DOSC speaker system developed by Dr. Christian Heil.

"As we move into our second decade of business, strategy and infrastructure are critical," notes Cox. "Michael's mandate is to develop the platform that will allow us to grow at a similar rate to the one we've enjoyed throughout the past ten years and, at the same time, allow us to better service our customers."

MacDonald, who recently started Pilot Business Strategies, Inc., created the firm to help large- and mid-sized firms develop 'breakout' strategies. "I have frequently found that businesses - particularly those that market technical products - tend to narrowly focus on the internal technical issues that revolve around the application of the product," says MacDonald. "With L-Acoustics US, I am able to look in from the outside and objectively work with a business leader like Jeffrey. Together, we believe that we can infuse clarity and focus that might otherwise easily be blurred by the hectic day-to-day world that we all have to compete in.

"Having L-Acoustics US as one of my first consultancy clients is a dream," MacDonald adds. "It's a first rate-company with innovative products developed by Dr. Heil and a visionary CEO in Jeffrey Cox. I couldn't be more pleased to be a part."

In related news, L-Acoustics announced last week that Paul Freudenberg, formerly of BSS, has joined the company as sales and marketing director. Go to story.