The Committee overseeing the industry history project, An Oral History of Theatrical Lighting and Its People, has appointed Michael Gold as volunteer project manager.

Gold’s duties include responding to offers of materials and assistance, arranging interviews and coordinating volunteer interviewers, maintaining a project database, and reporting to the History Committee. Gold’s day job is at Stage Equipment & Lighting in Miami, FL, where he works in project management and technical sales/rentals. He brings over ten years’ experience in the industry to the History Project, including previous stints with IlluminART Productions, the Florida Grand Opera, and the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Michael may be contacted at

Formed as an effort to properly document the full story of the theatrical and entertainment lighting industry, ESTA, USITT, Entertainment Design, Lighting Dimensions, and lighting companies such as Barbizon and Altman formed An Oral History of Theatrical Lighting and Its People. The goal of the group is to create a documented history as seen through its participants. To date, the project has amassed detailed interviews with dozens of seminal figures in the lighting industry, including Imero Fiorentino, Sonny Sonnenfeld, Bob Schiller, Don Stern, George Studnicky, and dozens more, with many more in the works.

You can learn all about the History Project—include how you can help participate—by attending the USITT session An Oral History of Theatrical Lighting and Its People on Thursday, March 20 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in room MCL100F. Michael Gold, ESTA’s Lori Rubenstein, Barbizon’s Jonathan Resnick, and ED’s David Johnson are among the History Project board members tentatively scheduled to appear.