It's just gotten a lot easier to run laser beam shows, thanks to Lumalaser's new microprocessor-controlled Beamburst projectors. Glowing front-panel controls give instant access to 12 audio-triggered preset modes, plus four DMX-controlled modes. The new Target Assistant makes it 10 times faster to aim the laser beams for maximum audience effect.

Gone are the days of entering binary codes with tiny DIP switches. "We tried hard to make Beamburst the easiest-ever beam projector," says Lumalaser president Tim Ziegenbein. "Just press the right arrow for menus, and the up/down arrows to make your selections. You see the results instantly on the 2-line LCD screen – even in the dark."

With the new illuminated controls, the Beamburst's mirrors can be initially aimed in about two minutes, and then can be left in auto-run audio triggering mode. For LJ's (laser jockeys) who want more hands-on control, there are four ways to use DMX. Simple DMX mode takes only five channels to control 26 settings; the most feature-rich DMX mode uses 22 channels to control 40 settings.

Lumalaser also recently added a free laser pattern generator to the Beamburst. The new Beamshaper does fans, beam arrays and other patterns similar to live laser shows. Laser expert Stephen Heminover, four-time president of the International Laser Display Association, designed both the Beamshaper generator, and the new front-panel glowing controls. "Beamburst contains 20-plus years of laser experience," says Heminover, "to give lots of variety from a compact, affordable projector."

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