Link USA

has designed a new "Plug and Play" cabling solution specifically for use with the Yamaha® PM1D® Digital Audio mixing console. The Link interconnection system for the Yamaha PM1D was designed with touring use in mind and provides a safe, solid connection between the CS1D control surface and the DSP1D processing unit that is quick and easy to use as interconnection is made by only one cable.

PM1D Connector

The eurocable SNK YMHPMD main trunk incorporates the SCSI, sync and eight channels of analogue audio in one casing that is both durable and flexible and built to withstand life on the road.

The 19" rack-mount BOX YMHDSPS fits in the rack with the DSP1D and has SCSI and BNC tails which connect directly to the DSP1D. The CS1D utilizes the smaller BOX YMHCSD that can be mounted to the dog house and also features tails that connect directly to the CS1D. Both boxes incorporate panel-mounted XLR’s for the eight analogue tie lines.

The connection between the CS1D and the DSP1D is ensured by using specialized heavy duty LK connectors. Each house two 50 ohm coaxial connectors and 112 gold plated pins for the SCSI and analog audio connections and are based on the LK150 pin connectors that, like all LK connectors, conform to the MIL C5015 and VG95234 military standards.

The Link solution offers reduced set-up and strike time along with greater connection integrity. These cable systems are available now in the U.S. through Link USA.