Lake Technology Limited has unveiled the Lake Contour Pro26D, a new version of the company's digital loudspeaker processor that incorporates a stereo AES/EBU digital input and output as standard. The fully digital signal path of this latest Lake Contour model is designed to offer improved overall audio system quality through the elimination of an unnecessary D-A/A-D conversion at the console, which can otherwise color the sound.

Supporting sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 96 kHz at 24-bit resolution, the digital input and output of the Lake Contour Pro26D is enabled through the Lake Controller software's new Stereo Insert program, and is available for all existing module programs. An Input Autoselect function provides signal redundancy. If the digital locked signal is interrupted or lost, Lake Contour instantly switches from digital to analogue in order to maintain a continuous signal.

The two input, six output Lake Contour and new Lake Contour Pro26D incorporate a unique set of powerful DSP-based equalization and processing tools, including crossovers, dynamics and delays, that allow the optimization of performance sound speaker systems. Additionally, the new fully digital Lake Contour Pro26D may be utilized as a high quality EQ, delay and dynamics channel processor when inserted into any full bandwidth digital--or analog--audio path.

The news of the new Lake Contour Pro26D follows the company's recent announcement of a series of new software enhancements for the Lake Contour digital loudspeaker processor. The release of Contour Controller version 2 software includes full integration with the new Lake SmaartLive Controller v5 software, which is also now shipping and is available as a 30-day, fully functional demo on the new Lake Contour website, located at