ETS-LDI presents a new conference track this year: a special series of workshops that were developed in conjunction with Technologies for Worship magazine to give you just the divine inspiration you need to enhance houses of worship with the best of today's technology! Houses of worship the world over are abuzz with state-of-the-art technology, and ETS-LDI2004 is the hot new arena for cutting-edge products and applications.

Sessions focus on lighting, audio, and video technologies and their effective use in houses of worship. Lighting topics include: Accent on Lighting: A Guide to Understanding Lighting System Design for Installation; Church Lighting for Television and Video Projection; and Understanding Intelligent Fixtures and When to Make the Leap.

Audio topics include: Accent on Audio: The Next Step in Mixing; Audio Worthy of Video: Getting the Right Sound for Your Pictures; and The Acoustics of Live Sound for Worship. And in the video area, sessions include: Accent on Video: Advanced Projection in the House of Worship; Powerpoint 10 to 10 Enhancing Your Worship Service; and Video and RF Distribution.

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