LD Donald Holder, Tony Award winner for the lighting of Disney's The Lion King, will be a featured speaker at the 2003 Broadway Lighting Master Classes (BLMC). Held in New York City at John Jay College Theatre June 25-27, the ninth BLMC will be followed by the inaugural edition of the Broadway Sound Master Classses (BSMC) June 28-29, and the 2003 Entertainment Design EDDY awards on Friday, June 27.

Holder will present an examination of the process of lighting for dance on Broadway and Off: How does one help tell the story and develop a distinct vocabulary and visual style for a piece without the "luxury" of text or dialogue? Using his current designs for the Tony-nominated production of Movin' Out as a case study, he will discuss his collaboration with choreographer Twyla Tharp and the process of designing a full-length, two-hour work that represents a true hybrid of several distinct forms: dance, theatre, and rock and roll.

Holder is part of a distinguished faculty for the BLMC that includes Jules Fisher, who also serves as creative consultant for the BLMC, Peggy Eisenhauer, Ken Billington, Wendall K. Harrington, Bevery Emmons, Clifton Taylor, and Paul Marantz. Participants will attend the Broadway revival of Gypsy, with Tony-nominated lighting by Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer.

For full details and registration information about the BLMC, BSMC, and EDDY awards, go to the BLMC website.