Digital Projection Inc. (DPI) launched its second-generation single-chip DLP™ projection display, the iVision HD-7. The 1280 x 720 native resolution display will be exhibited in September at CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis, IN.

Specifically designed for a wide variety of home cinema, media, and entertainment applications, the iVision HD-7 delivers 1,000 ANSI lumens and 3000:1 contrast ratio in an ultra-compact and portable chassis. It is equipped with a standard 1.75-2.25:1 zoom lens, but the versatile projector can also be outfitted with either a 1.0:1 fixed, wide-angle lens or a long-throw, 2.5-3.5:1 zoom lens.

The most dramatic improvements in picture quality experienced with the second-generation iVision HD-7–more distinct black areas and shadow detail–are credited to the application of a new seven-segment color wheel. The imaging benefits of this technology are especially important for those in the home integration market.

"The iVision HD has been an incredible performer for small- to medium-sized home entertainment venues," said George Walter, home cinema marketing manager for Digital Projection, Inc. "The seven-segment color wheel iVision HD-7 provides a dramatically improved image."

The new iVision HD-7 will begin shipping in Q3 2004. Digital Projection's single-chip DLP™ home cinema projector lineup also includes the new iVision sx+ and, by Q4 2004, the dual-lamp dVision HD-7 and dVision sx+. The company's lineup of single-chip DLP™ displays complements its 3-chip DLP™ offerings, which includes the performance-driven MERCURY HD and 2K resolution Reference Displays.

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