Digital Projection International (DPI) has unveiled the Lightning 35HD, the third-generation Lightning series projector. The Lightning 35HD delivers 18,000 center lumens (16,000 ANSI lumens) and 1200:1 full-field contrast through Texas Instruments' new 2K x 1K Dark Chip II DMDs, enabling the product to support native display of sources with resolutions up to 2048 x 1080. It employs a proprietary xenon lamp and is complimented by a variety of motorized zoom lenses. In addition, the new Lightning is compact at just 40-inches long and 242 lbs(excluding lens).

The Lightning 35HD is designed to support large-venue imaging applications due to its modular electronics design, which enables virtually limitless input capabilities. When paired with Digital Projection's rack mountable Multi-Media Switcher 1000 (MMS 1000), the Lightning 35HD displays any analog component, digital video, HD or DVI input source. The link between the L35HD and MMS 1000 is DPI’s DigiLink, a single-wire, high-bandwidth fiber-optic solution.

Other features include P7 colorimetry calibration and multi-point intelligent lens positioning, and three integrated chassis-leveling "jack" points, which enable users to optimize projector pitch and roll to the exact application requirements. In addition, the unit is "ready to rig" right out of its transit case, eliminating the need for additional rigging hardware or a flying cage.

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