, an Internet-based auction company, has teamed with eBay to create the online Pro Outlet Center for entertainment technology equipment. The agreement will enable manufacturers, dealers and distributors of products, such as pro audio, video, DJ, and lighting equipment to use Digibid's platform to reach eBay's 42 million registered users.

Digibid was developed to manage the auction sales operations for retailers and equipment manufacturers as well as large end-users that want to liquidate new, used, overstock, B stock, returns, and other merchandise. Digibid provides many features that enable its vendors to extend their reach to new buyers via eBay's marketplace, thus creating an "Online Pro Outlet Center" for entertainment technology merchandise.

"What makes Digibid's Pro Outlet Center unique is that it provides an invaluable service for the seller and the buyer," says company CEO Matt Brosious. "Sellers are able to sell large volumes of merchandise with limited costs at high profit margins and buyers can get quality merchandise for reasonable prices. Having teamed up with eBay, Digibid provides a proven method for companies to reach online consumers. Plus, the system eliminates the labor-intensive nature of the auction and fulfillment process. By simplifying the process, Digibid has made the online sales option profitable and therefore attractive to an extremely broad range of companies."

Integrated with eBay's trading platform, Digibid automates auction management, merchandising, payment processing, order fulfillment, and customer relationship management. Companies that utilize Digibid's Pro Outlet Center can effectively reach new markets, extend brand awareness and most importantly, add high-margin business. Digibid can provide whatever level of marketplace visibility is desired from a fully-branded auction marketplace to an anonymous sales channel.

"We are very enthusiastic about Digibid becoming a part of the eBay marketplace," says eBay musical instruments general manager Mike Harkey. "They have a strong offering of musical instruments, pro audio and video equipment and eBay's marketplace of over 42 million registered users will help bring greater exposure to Digibid's customers."

Previously, Digibid signed a software agreement with eBay and announced that Digibid would integrate its auction management software platform on eBay's trading platform.