Interactive Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of professional entertainment and architectural lighting controls, released CueTouch Studio™, a new development tool for creating interactive touch screen applications for CueTouch™ panels.

An important feature of CueTouch Studio is the system’s appearance and ease-of-use to the end user. The combination of the well-engineered LCD panels and the power and robustness built into CueTouch Studio provide a platform that provides user interface solutions for architectural lighting control, entertainment lighting applications, themed attraction controls, studio lighting operation, high-end residential automation and much more.

President and director of Engineering at Interactive Technologies, Inc. Rob Johnston refers to the system’s platform as "elegant." "CueTouch fills a void in our industry for an attractive, highly-customizable network appliance for lighting control, he says. "As lighting packages in architecture and entertainment get more complex, we see a need for more elegant solutions for controlling these systems. CueTouch answers this need."

With CueTouch Studio, users can create attractive applications for the CueTouch family of interactive LCD touch screen panels. Using familiar tools, complex touch screen designs can be constructed easily by drawing shapes, pasting pictures, dragging & dropping buttons, faders, and more directly into on-screen simulated CueTouch panels.

CueTouch LCD panels are wall- or rack-mounted touch screen stations designed for professional integrated lighting control. CueTouch panels can be used as stand-alone preset lighting controllers or as networked control stations for more complex architectural and entertainment systems.

The applications are limited only by the imagination of the system’s designer. CueTouch uses a unique peer-to-peer messaging and control architecture that provides a new level of flexibility to traditional solutions. Multiple CueTouch panels can be networked together, each using advanced DMX-over-Ethernet protocols to communicate directly with dimmers and fixtures.

The CueTouch Studio software is available for free download from . CueTouch LCD panels are available now.