Cooper Crouse-Hinds Molded Products

introduces Cam-Lok® NEMA 3R receptacle covers, designed for use with E1015 and E1016 Cam-Lok receptacles. The new Cam-Lok covers provide a NEMA 3R rated environmental seal that protects against falling rain and sleet when used with a Cam-Lok J-Power receptacle.

Cam-Lok receptacles are used on distribution boxes that are found at outdoor concerts, outdoor television broadcasts, film location shoots, and theatres. The NEMA 3R cover also provides a safe way to cover exposed metal, while keeping the weather out when the receptacle is not in use.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds Molded Products NEMA 3R connector’s are made from a high impact resistant plastic polymer and corrosion resistant stainless steel hinge pins and springs. Crouse-Hinds NEMA 3R covers are available in a full range of colors, which meet most local codes.

For more information on Crouse-Hinds NEMA 3R covers, or to discuss a custom application, contact your local sales representative, or customer service representative at 252-566-3014, or e-mail at

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