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Meet this year’s lineup of lighting gear no designer should be without:

City Theatrical WDS Dimming System
Entertainment Technology Intelligent Raceway
ETC Emphasis Console
Martin MAC 2000 Performance Luminaire
Vari*Lite® VL1000™ Automated Ellipsoidal Luminaire


Instructor Survival Guide
What’s the secret to juggling the dual career of teacher and designer? How do you effectively balance the two? How do you decide when to leave one behind? David Johnson talks to teachers from a wide variety of schools across the country to get their tips and insights.


The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace
As of March 2003, Canadian superstar Celine Dion will be performing in her new purpose-built Colosseum at Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The theatre was designed by the architects and theatre consultants at Scéno Plus in Montreal, in conjunction with Park Place Entertainment in Las Vegas. Perhaps the largest theatre in town, the Colosseum has 4,000 seats and a very large stage with a proscenium opening 120' wide. The sound system features self-powered loudspeakers by Meyer Sound, BSS Soundweb processing, a Yamaha PM1-D digital console for monitor, and an SSL (Solid State Logic Production MT) front-of-house console. The lighting system includes ETC Sensor dimmers with a Compulite Sabre console for the moving lights and a Compulite Ovation for the conventional fixtures. The fixture inventory ranges from Strand ellipsoidals, fresnels, and cyc lights, to Robert Juliat followspots, Compulite color scrollers, Altman PAR-64s, and automated luminaires by Vari-Lite, High End Systems, Clay Paky, Martin Professional, and Syncrolite. The show is directed by Franco Dragone, with decor by Michel Crête, and lighting by Yves Aucoin. The rigging in the theatre is by PACO/Gala in Canada. Fourth Phase Las Vegas supplied much of the lighting system (except the Vari*Lite automated fixtures, which were supplied by Solotech in Montreal). The lighting system was installed by Bombard Electric of Las Vegas, who also did low-voltage wiring for the sound system. Solotech also supplied and installed the sound (in conjunction with Audio Analysts in Colorado Springs), and video projection equipment which includes projectors by Digital Projection. A large LED wall has screens by Mitsubishi. The high-tech theatre also has a special climate-control system to keep Celine comfortable in the dry Las Vegas environment. Ellen Lampert-Gréaux reports.


Man of La Mancha
The latest Broadway revival of this old warhorse has been re-imagined with a stunning prison set by English designer Paul Brown, who also did the costumes. A technical marvel, the set was built and automated by Hudson Scenic, with technical supervision by Gene O’Donovan and David Bradford. Fourth Phase and Vari-Lite provided the lighting, which was designed by Paul Gallo. Tony Meola provided the seamless sound design. Additional vendors include Masque Sound, Flying by Foy, and Scharff Weisberg. David Johnson and Michael S. Eddy report.


Virtual Costuming
The computer has become a major tool for every other design discipline; now it’s the costumer’s turn. Designer Sean Martin discusses the use of new software programs like Poser, which can create 3D models of clothing, in the theatre, looking at both theoretical and real world applications.

The Road Crew vs. the House Crew: Getting Along
Crew chief Rusty Strauss provides tips for keeping load-ins and load-outs happy, happy, happy.

Bob and Colleen Bonniol look at the tricky issue of intellectual property rights management for images.

Jim van Bergen is still miffed that sound designers aren’t better represented come awards season.

Ellen Lampert-Gréaux chats with longtime Humana Festival designer Paul Owen.
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